The Congregation of Saint Saviour, is an Episcopal Congregation who calls the Cathedral its home. Formed in 1992, they continue to be drawn together by a common mission:

"To build and nurture an active Christian community; to support the mission of the Cathedral; to offer opportunities for exploration and expressing spirituality; affirming the diversities that exist among us; above all, through worship, service and example; to witness to Christ's healing and reconciling love to neighbors, pilgrims and visitors."


Our leaders

Interim Pastor of the Cathedral and Vicar of its Congegation, St. Saviour
The Reverend Mary Julia Jett

Marsha Ra, Warden | Timothy Dwyer, Warden | Cecilia Andrini-Nwufoh, Treasurer | Gale Kenny, Secretary

JoAnn Bell, Lisa Chin, Kevin de l'Aigle, Paula Gifford McKenzie, Robert Deming, Barbara Whiteman-Hull, Frank Winter, Mary-Elizabeth Mitchell, Michael Nixon, Lewis Salas, Lorraine Simmons

Call or Visit

1047 Amsterdam Avenue (at 112th Street), New York, NY 10025
(212) 316-7483 |