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The Communion of Saints: A Retreat during the Season of All-Saints

Join Canon Patrick Malloy as he considers the deeper meaning of the Communion of Saints. The Cathedral is filled with depictions of saints anyone would be proud to call family. On any given Sunday, the chairs, too, are full of saints. And if we let our minds wander across time and across the landscape, we will stumble upon all sorts of people we are bound to by baptism: some we would love to know, some we would avoid. This is the Communion of Saints: a mixed bag of people who are marked as Christ’s own forever. What is the Church’s vision of this “forever” we say we share? What is our hope, and how do we give expression to it today?

We have reserved 20 rooms at Mariandale Retreat Center right on the Hudson. It offers excellent meals prepared by a Culinary Institute trained chef and can accommodate most dietary needs. The retreat will begin on Friday, November 3 and conclude with lunch on Sunday, November 5.

Tuition is $210 and includes two nights and six meals. Check-in is no later than 8:00 p.m. We will coordinate arrivals and departures for those who will take the Metro North Train. Partial scholarships available for those who have never gone on retreat before. To register or for more information, contact Mother Mary Julia Jett