Welcome to the Congregation of Saint Saviour at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine! Even long-time members can find it confusing to navigate the many things happening at the Cathedral, so we've highlighted a few topics to help you get oriented.



With 4 Sunday services and at least 3 services every other day of the week, we hope you will be able to join us for worship in this glorious space. You can find out more information about services at the Cathedral website.

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Formation for all Ages

The Congregation takes part in a wide array of programs ranging from children's ministry to youth and young adults to Bible studies to opportunities for social justice engagement to pastoral care and practical life workshops.

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Confirmation and Baptism

Once a month on Sunday evening, those considering Baptism or Confirmation, or who simply want to discuss more about becoming a baptized Christian or confirmed member of the Episcopal Church, will gather for a meal and discussion. If you are interested, contact the Interim Pastor for more information.

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Pastoral Care

The Congregation provides a wide array of ways to take part in both giving and receiving pastoral care within the walls of the Cathedral and well beyond. If you are seeking a place to give and receive, we take part in a full spectrum of ministries.

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One good way to get to know about us is to contact our Vicar, the Reverend Mary Julia Jett. She would love to hear from you and get coffee (or tea) and chat. She is always happy to hear from people who call this place this spiritual home or are simply exploring.
Another way to get in touch with us is to fill out a New Member form below.