Notre Dame Cathedral and the Cathedral of St John the Divine

From Fr. Steven

After a difficult week with our small fire at the Cathedral on Palm Sunday, and then the catastrophic fire on Holy Monday at Notre Dame Cathedral, I can think of nothing better than to share the following quote by Michel Aupetit, the Archbishop of Paris, which helps to remind us of the ultimate paradox at the heart of these architectural wonders:

"We must ask why Notre Dame was constructed. Why this human genius? Because they could have done something functional. It's far more than functional. And why? Because what is honored there is absolutely splendid, that's what we believe. And if you want to ask the real question, what jewel is this jewel box for? It's not for the Crown of Thorns, you know? It's for a piece of bread. It's astonishing. How can one construct such a work of art for a piece of bread? That piece of bread is the Body of Christ. And that endures. Nobody will ever be able to destroy it."

The Rev. Steven Lee