Service for Deborah Danner

Many in the city know Deborah Danner as the woman shot by the police about a week ago. For many throughout the country, she has become the symbol of the concerns that fill the world -- from the care for those with mental illness to the tangible consequences of systemic racism to the proper training and accountability of the police.

Many here at the Cathedral and the Congregation knew her long before last week. In my conversations with people here, Deborah was known, even more than by her name, as the woman who invariably wore a knit hat and large glasses while sitting with them in Bible Study, Urban Missioners, Via Media, or church on Sunday. In fact, before coming to the Cathedral, she called several churches her home including Trinity Wall Street and Heavenly Rest. In the last several days, priests and parishioners alike have told of their love and care for Deborah in churches great and small.

We will have a service for Deborah on Tuesday, November 1st at 6:30 PM at the close of All Saints Day, November 1 - on the Eve of All Souls Day, November 2. At once, we will celebrate the life and resurrection of the woman who is now remembered by this community - and also the full communion of saints who have come before, struggled on earth, and now find peace in heaven and hope in the resurrection.

In the meanwhile, you have my prayers.

Mary Julia Jett

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