Homecoming Sunday on September 18 & Fall Programming

Dear Cathedral Friends and Congregations,

A little over a week ago, you should have received a copy of the Dean's letter. Since then, several of you have contacted me and others to ask about the state of the search process. As of now, I can say that that will be figured out in the next few weeks as the Dean and the Bishop work out an array details in the life of this grand place. I can also say that in the meanwhile, our life as a community - both a community in discernment and a community in life and worship - continues on.

All of the details are below. Most notably, Homecoming Sunday will take place after the UN Sunday service on September 18th. It will be a great time to welcome those we know - and hopefully a whole host of people whom we have yet to know. During the liturgy the following Sunday, September 25th, we will celebrate all the Cathedral volunteers. All and all, it is an exciting month to celebrate what has been done, what will be done, and what all could come.

As always, if you have any questions or wish to talk, I am available.

In the meanwhile, you have my prayers.

New Ministry Opportunities Described Below

1. September 18th & 25th - Homecoming and Volunteer Sunday
2. Sundays starting September 25th
including the start of the Children's Abbey, a revitalization of the Sunday Morning Bible             Study, a Liturgy Class with Canon Malloy, and an Inquirer's Dinner after Evensong.
3. Families with Young Children
    Invitation to breakfast on October 2nd & to regularly participate in liturgy
4. Wednesday Night Hebrew Bible Study with Rabbinical Students
5. Saturday afternoon focuses on Pastoral Community Needs
6. Healing Ministry meeting September 20th at 7:30 p.m.
7. Coffee Hours Hosts!
8. Looking ahead to October: Dialogues on Race, the Congregational Retreat, Hispanic/Latino/a ministries, & LGBTQ ministries.

September 18th & 25th - Homecoming & Volunteer Sunday
All are welcome to join in a festive gathering and celebration of our life and ministries together following the 11 AM service (UN Sunday). If you are a ministry leader who would like to be included in this, please contact Mother Mary.

Unlike previous years, due to UN Sunday, we will honor volunteers during the liturgy on September 25th during the 11 AM Service.

Sundays starting September 25th

Our program year begins in just a few weeks with Homecoming Sunday, and thereafter, we will be revitalizing ongoing ministries as well as adding more formation opportunities. For more contact Mother Mary, Interim Pastor and Vicar

8:00 AM     Morning Prayer & Holy Eucharist

9:00 AM     Holy Eucharist

The Children's Abbey will begin.

10:10 AM     Bible Study - Bishop Manning Bay
The already ongoing Bible Study will be joined by one of the preachers for the morning, often the preacher from the 9 AM service.

11:00 AM     Holy Eucharist

The Children's Abbey will begin

12:30 PM     Liturgical Class with Canon Patrick Malloy
Every Sunday, except the Second Sundays

4:00 PM     Evensong

5:00 PM     (After Evensong) - Inquirer's Dinner (2 Sundays a month)
Any and all who are not currently members but who are interested in learning more about being part of the spiritual life of the Cathedral and the Congregation - whether to join from elsewhere, seek Baptism, Confirmation or just a spiritual home for a season are invited to join.

For any Families with Young Children or Youth

Over the summer, we had a wonderful ministry consultant who came and met with any and all from the Congregation, Cathedral, and Diocese who wished to speak about the experience of children and families at the Cathedral.  In the immediacy, it would be wonderful to compile a list of all the parents who would be interested in participating in children's programs moving forward and in dialogues about them. If you could please contact Mother Mary with your information, that would be wonderful.

Sunday, October 2nd 9 & 11 AM services in Cathedral House
All parents are invited to breakfast in the Cathedral House. Folks will be on hand to help with (supervised) play for the kids while the parents and ministry leaders talk about ways to make the Cathedral a more welcoming place for people of all ages.

Get involved with the Sunday Morning liturgy!
On Sunday mornings at both 9 and 11 AM, we hope to have children and youth more regularly involved in the liturgy as services, readers, or helpers in some way or another. If your children may be interested in this, please contact Mother Mary and Canon Malloy.

Wednesday Night Hebrew Bible Study

Wednesday Nights at 7:30 PM in Cathedral House
At the various town halls, there was a wide desire for more opportunities for Bible Study. So, this Fall, beginning on September 21st Students from Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) will be coming to lead Bible Studies on the weekly Jewish Lectionary Hebrew Bible readings. Episcopal seminary students and clergy will join.

Saturday focuses on Community Pastoral Needs

Saturday Pastoral Workshops
Led by Deacon Kent Curtis, we will have a series of workshops to address the pastoral needs of our Congregation as well as the communities around us. It will also be a way of partnering with groups adjacent to us. Once a month, beginning in October, we will workshops on various topics including Preparing for Death and Dying and how the church can recognize and support people in various situations including with HIV/AIDs and Mental Illness. Those dates and partnerships will be announced int he next week or two.

Last Saturday of the Month Recovery Eucharists
On the last Saturday of every month, we will also begin to use the Saturday noonday service as a Recovery Eucharist inviting people from our community, the diocesan community, and elsewhere to help use this service as an intentional time of supporting those in recovery and providing a safe place for those who may be wishing to seek help.

Details on both of these will be announced next week.

Healing Ministry Meeting on September 20th at 7:30 p.m.

Any people currently involved in the Healing Ministry or who would be interested in learning more are invited to attend this meeting hosted by the Reverend Dr. Anne Brewer and Vaughn Folkert in Cathedral House. Canon Malloy will also be there to discuss the various liturgical roles and Mother Mary will be there to discuss the pastoral and congregational roles as well. If you have any questions about this ministry, you are encouraged to contact Vaughn Folkert.

Coffee Hour Hosts

Starting on September 25th, we will hopefully be moving coffee hour to the middle of the Church, near where the priests great people at the end of the service. That will only be possible if more people volunteer who feel a special call toward welcoming people - people leaving the liturgy, tourists wondering what the liturgy is, and everyone in between - and setting up and preparing the table. If you are interested in coordinating this, volunteering on an occasional basis, or would like to talk more, please contact Mother Mary.

Looking Ahead in October

Monday Night Dialogues on Race
Starting in October, we will have a series of occasional Sunday night dialogues on race which will include scholars from Union Seminary and other academic institutions as well as ministries for several different congregations and denominations in Harlem and the Bronx. To be involved in this or learn more, please contact Mother Mary.

Congregational Retreat - October 28th - 30th at Holy Cross
More details will come in the weeks to follow, but we will be taking our annual retreat to Holy Cross in October. The focus will be on Advent and the preparation for the coming of Christ. For more information in the immediacy, contact Marsha Ra.

Developing Hispanic and Latino Ministries
During this transition time, a critical look at how we welcome and include Hispanic/Latino/a persons is taking place - both for those who seek pastoral resources here and those who are seeking a spiritual home. This will involve conversations with diocesan leaders as well as those who lead congregations in the city. If this is of interest to you and you would like to learn more, please contact Mother Mary.

LGBTQ Persons & the Spiritual Life of the Cathedral
We are currently in conversation with people from the National LGBTQ Task force and other leaders in the community about ways we can foster a dialogue on relevant issues, be a more welcoming place to those seeking a spiritual home, and engage all people in important theological discourses on identity and God. These are all still in the works, but if you are interested in taking part in the planning, please contact Mother Mary.

Weekly Worship

Every day at the Cathedral offers at least three different opportunities to worship. For more information and for changes, see the Cathedral website. To get involved or learn more contact Mother Mary, Interim Pastor and Vicar.

Cathedral Worship Schedule