From the Vicar and the Wardens - July 2018

“Let nothing perturb you, nothing frighten you. All things pass. God does not change. Patience achieves everything.”  - St Teresa of Avila.

Dear Members and Friends of the Congregation of Saint Saviour,

From the Vicar

When I first took this job in mid-April, I knew I would have to make a decision very early in my tenure that would likely determine how successful I would be as your vicar. As many of you know, Chanmi Byun will be leaving her position as Pastoral Associate on Friday, July 13 in order to pursue doctoral studies at Union Theological Seminary in Psychology and Religion with Professor Pamela Cooper-White. Happily, Chanmi will remain a member of the Congregation of Saint Saviour. Even more happily, we have started her process for discernment to the priesthood.

Quite unhappily, however, her departure has meant that the Cathedral and the Congregation is losing someone who has effectively functioned as both a pastoral associate and (during the months of transition) as the pastor of the Cathedral. Chanmi's skills in pastoral care and administration, her ability to speak Spanish, French and Korean, her tireless work ethic, and her deep Christian faith, have made her an invaluable colleague at the Cathedral and the Congregation. We will miss her very much.

I can report that with the help of Kevin de l'Aigle and both of your Wardens, Marsha and Tim, that we have hired Chanmi's replacement, who will begin this Monday, July 2, in order to learn from Chanmi for the next two weeks. Her name is Hope Chang, and I will have more to say about her in next month's newsletter.

For now, please join me in thanking Chanmi for all her good work for the Cathedral and the Congregation at our Second Sunday brunch on July 8, after the 11am service.


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From the Wardens

Join us in creating a huge prayer chain
We are building a visible prayer chain in support of children and parents enduring painful separation on our southern border. Many of us are sending checks to agencies that provide these families with legal aid; some are sending supplies and toys to facilities holding these children. Whatever you are doing, please join us in prayer.  Inspired by Father Matthew Heyd and the Church of the Heavenly Rest, we are creating a paper chain filled with our prayers for the children. The chain is sky blue, blue being the traditional color of hope.  Strips of paper will be available at the Congregation table now moved to the center of the nave.  Visitor Services will be displaying the chain near the entrance of the Cathedral. 
Cathedral Community Cares Collections—the Backpack Project
In July and August we are not collecting physical things, but are asking you to consider donating money to help us fill 48 backpacks for children in needy families. We have the backpacks.  Now we are ordering in bulk the supplies that are on the New York City School System official list.   Our plan is to have a backpack stuffing party (date to be announced) having the packs blessed and then handing them off to CCC for distribution to the families who have children in pre-school and elementary school.  To donate to this project, you may send a check made out to the Congregation of Saint Saviour marked “backpacks” or you may send us funds using PayPal on our website:   If you use PayPal, please include a note that the donation is for the backpack project.  $40 buys supplies for one backpack.  Thank you!!!
Civilizations Exchange and Cooperation Foundation (CECF) visit, Sunday July 22
Based in Baltimore, the mission of Civilizations Exchange and Cooperation Foundation (CECF) is to foster cooperation rather than confrontation among people of different religions and cultures. For the past two years they have appeared pretty much unannounced at the Cathedral with a group of imams and lay leaders to pray with us. Most had never been inside a church.  This year we want to be ready to warmly welcome the group and show them hospitality.  If you are interested in being part of the welcoming party, email
And remember, It's Never Too Late to Pledge!

Your financial commitment to our congregation will help us to continue to do the many important things we are doing for our Cathedral and our community. If you have not done so already, please consider making a pledge of ongoing support to the Congregation.

Reminder:  July 8 is our regularly scheduled Second Sunday brunch in Cathedral house after the 11:00 a.m. service.  If you’ve never come over, please join us and have some food and fellowship.   Yes, there is such a thing as free lunch! 
Tim Dwyer and Marsha Ra