From the Vicar and the Wardens - August 31, 2018

From the Vicar

In a way, it's too bad that the Congregation's new logo, new e-newsletter template, new brochures and advertising flyers, and preparations for several new programs, were all finished on time, when this new program year at the Cathedral begins. Too bad because it gives the impression that change in the church is neat and tidy. That it can be managed and pre-programmed. 

However, while we do have a new brand identity (thanks to the Cathedral's world-class designer, Pentagram), and new children and youth ministries (register for one of the three programs here), and a new speaker series, Close Conversations (details below), it's important to remember that setting goals, and then successfully reaching them, do not have much to do with a Cross-shaped life. It's easy for Christians, in our secular age, to live as functional atheists. To live without any reference to God, except, perhaps, for an hour on Sunday. 

But accomplishing the goals we set for ourselves isn't the point of a Christian life. The point is faithfully accomplishing the goals that God has set for our lives. To make God's desire our primary consideration, whether as individuals or as the Congregation of Saint Saviour. That is one mark of the Christian life. 

Of course, we fail to live up to this standard all the time. Perhaps that failure is another mark of the Christian life. But it is to our great joy that we serve a God of mercy, not sacrifice. The Good News is that God will forgive us, even without our asking. Such is the miracle of grace. 

So, as our new year begins, with all of these exciting changes--new logos, new programs, new members joining for the first time, and former members returning back to the fold--let us remember that our task is a very old one: to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to a world that so desperately needs to hear it. 

The Rev. Dn. Steven Lee

From the Wardens

Summer is coming to an end and we look ahead to a wonderful fall and winter praying together and taking time to enjoy each other’s company.  We also hope to grow spiritually as individuals and as a community.  If you weren’t around much in the summer, we were quite active. In August we completed the backpack project, filling 48 packs with all supplies needed for pre-K through 4th grade.  It was an exciting and gratifying project which seemed to touch a chord within the hearts of the congregation.  On August 19 the packs were blessed by Dean Dan and handed off to Thomas Perry, Manager of Cathedral Community Cares.  They were handed out to young students on August 27.  

Congregation Home Coming,
Sunday September 9, 12:15 p.m. Cathedral Nave—IT’S POTLUCK!

Following on a long tradition (two years at least!) Home Coming will take place on the Second Sunday of November right in the nave of the Cathedral.  It will be a potluck.  Everyone is welcome to come and encouraged to bring a dish to share.  If you can bring something, please contact the wardens at and we will send you guidelines for the food we need.  There is no refrigeration in the nave, so we have to avoid mayonnaise and certain other food types.  It will certainly be a joyous occasion with a chance to talk and to learn about the programs coming up in the fall.

Ordination of the Reverend Deacon Steven Y. Lee to the Priesthood, Saturday, September 15, 10:30 a.m. Cathedral – Reception in Synod Hall following the service

 Our Vicar will be ordained to the priesthood on the Saturday after Homecoming.  We are planning a reception in Synod Hall following the service.  We hope as many congregation members as possible will come to both.  If you would like to help with the reception—preparing food, setting up, and, of course cleaning up, please email  We need help on Friday afternoon, September 14,  as well as Saturday morning and afternoon.   

The Congregation Table & Coffee Hour

 Every Sunday after the 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. services, coffee or iced tea and cookies are available at the welcome station now moved into the Nave.  Look for the Episcopal Flag!  Stop by and pick up information about programs as well as volunteer opportunities.  The cookies are provided by the “Cookie Angels.”  If you wish to become a cookie angel, contact the wardens, tell us which service you attend and we will send your name to the coordinator for that service.

Planning way ahead

Sign up for the Congregation fall retreat, which takes place the first weekend in November.  Sign-up is required by October 2.  Detailed information click this link. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back!
Tim Dwyer and Marsha Ra

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