News from the Congregation - September 14, 2018

From the Vicar

This past week, I was on a pre-ordination retreat at Holy Cross Monastery, which is an Anglican Benedictine monastery located along the Hudson River in West Park, New York. Our retreat leader told us that it is traditional to make confession before one's ordination to the priesthood.

In that spirit, let me confess that I was a little startled this past Sunday to see some of you bringing bags of men's clothing to donate to Cathedral Community Cares (CCC). When I wrote last Friday about the 30 or so men who come to us each week looking for interview clothes, I had pictured a very different way of trying to solve this problem.

I imagined that I would first discuss some preliminary ideas with the vestry, formulate a plan (perhaps with the help of a committee), and then implement it, in stages, over a period of months.

Many of you had far better ideas. Without waiting, some of you brought clothes on Sunday and dropped them off at CCC's office located in the red brick Town Building next to the Cathedral. Others went ahead and contacted people in the retail industry asking for donations. Still others have offered to write checks to buy new clothes. 

Twice, now, in as many months, you have shown your love and concern for our neighbors through your deep generosity: first, for the children who needed school supplies and backpacks, and now, for the men who need professional work clothes. 

So, today, as we observe the Feast of the Holy Cross, which is celebrated on Sept. 14 each year, in order to honor the self-offering of Jesus Christ on the Cross for our salvation, it's helpful to remember, as the German theologian Martin Luther once wrote, that “God does not need our good works, but our neighbors do.”

The Rev. Dn. Steven Lee

From the Wardens

Special thanks to the Hospitality Committee for another joyful Homecoming.  Lisa Chin, Phyllis Murray, Angelo Santos, Will, Susan and Emily Baldwin and Winston Nguyen all did yeomen’s work.  We appreciated the excellent support of Tony Dancy of facilities.  Thanks to members and friends who brought in food to share.  It was just lovely to see so many people back from vacation.  Having the event in the Nave meant that people who were new to the Cathedral were encouraged to join us.  

Ordination of the Reverend Deacon Steven Y. Lee to the Priesthood, Saturday, September 15, 10:30 a.m. Cathedral – Reception in Synod Hall following the service 
By the Grace of God, our vicar Steven Yong Lee, will be ordained to the priesthood tomorrow. His Congregation is hosting a reception in Synod Hall following the service.  We hope as many Congregation members as possible will come to both.   Since at least ten other people will be ordained at the service, we expect quite a crowd in the Great Choir, so plan to come early to get a good seat.  Also, don’t be confused by tables set up in the nave.  Several other congregations will be hosting receptions for their new priests in the nave.  Come over to Synod Hall where friends, relatives and Congregation of Saint Saviour members will be celebrating with Steven and his family. 
The Ralph Adams Cram Society 
Named for the Cathedral’s architect, the Cram Society recognizes generous individuals who are building the Cathedral’s future by including it in their estate plans.   If you would like more information on joining the society, please contact the Development Office and speak to Priscilla Bayley at 212-316-7570 or email her at   If you have already taken action but have not informed the Cathedral of your plans, please contact Priscilla Bayley so that the Cathedral can recognize you.  A special luncheon is planned with the Dean on September 19.  
Planning ahead
September 26, 6:30 p.m. St. James Chapel—Jose Quinones “Immigrants, out of the Shadows” 
A special discussion series on contemporary society, culture and spirituality sponsored by the Congregation and put together by Vestryman Fred Wherry will kick off with this timely presentation on economic issues related to immigration.  (See below).  
Saint Francis Day Sunday, October 7. 
Tickets are available from the Congregation Office. Contact Hope Chang at 212-316-7483.  There is no charge, but tickets are suggested since the Cathedral fills up quickly with people and their critters.  After the service there will be blessings of pets on the close as well as animals to adopt.  The Congregation will have a table at the fair and use this as an opportunity for gentle evangelism. To volunteer to usher on Saint Francis Day or any day, contact Tim Dwyer (warden and head usher) at
Congregation Fall Retreat, Holy Cross Monastery, November 2 – 4 Contemplative Ecology—Becoming Truly Human, led by Brother Aidan
Sign up for the Congregation fall retreat, which takes place the first weekend in November.  Sign-up is required by October 2.  Detailed information here. Fill out the form and send with check to Congregation of Saint Saviour office.  We have 15 spots reserved.

Blessings to all,

Tim Dwyer and Marsha Ra