February 8, 2019: The Best Laid Plans at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine

From Fr. Steven

As you will read below, I was too sick to attend last Sunday's Annual Meeting, but our empowered lay leaders did a fantastic job of running the meeting. With that in mind, since I am still not fully recovered, my only message this week is to encourage you to read the report from your indefatigable Wardens.

The Rev. Steven Lee

From Marsha and Tim

Annual Meeting Recap

The Annual Meeting took place last Sunday.  A total of 69 people crowded into the Cathedral House Conference room.  Several people who have been attending services for quite a while decided to join formally at that time.  Since our Vicar was home battling the flu, Warden Tim Dwyer chaired the meeting and named Robert Deming, Clerk of the Vestry, as secretary for this session.  The slate presented by the Vestry nominations committee was elected by acclimation.  Dean Dan opened the session with a prayer and, when business was completed, he sent us on our way with a blessing.  Members in attendance had many questions, ideas and suggestions which were duly noted and will become part of the business of the vestry in the coming year.  We are reaching out to the community through our work with CCC and ACT.  Kristin Bergfeld was recognized for the donation of over 100 good suits and shoes that she arranged to donate to the CCC clothing closet.  Is it now time to reach out to an even broader community; to begin to address global issues?  Stay tuned.   The entire annual report is on the website http://www.saintsaviour.org/  under Community Life.  We’ve had a great year and are looking forward to another year of spiritual growth together.   
Sad news  

Long time member Ken Weaver departed this life last week after suffering a stroke.  He was 86.  He attended Columbia University and then worked at Teachers’ College. A musician with a passion for opera, he also played organ in churches around the City on Sundays for many years.  For the past two years he had been unable to attend the Cathedral for health reasons.  May he rest in peace.

Sage Valentine card writing 

The Sage group met on Wednesday night to write Valentine cards to 200 older Sage members and their friendly visitors. Congregation members, Cathedral staff and Sage members enjoyed food and  conversation while we wrote messages of love and support. Thanks to Tim Farrell who brought this program to us.  We look forward to more Sage projects and meals at the Cathedral.

Second Sunday—a Valentine theme  

Join us this coming Sunday for our monthly fellowship after the 11:00 a.m. service.  We are told the theme will be Valentine’s day.  Does that mean chocolate?

Tax time 

Last week statements went out to all contributors with a record of tax deductible donations in 2018.  We hope our luck with the post office is better than it was with the donation box sets!  If you do not receive your statement, or if your statement has errors, please email wardens@saintsaviour.org We can make corrections and we can also email you a statement. 

Those boxes!   

If you still have not received a set of donation envelopes for 2019 and need them because you make your donations during the liturgy, please contact Hope Chang in the office and she will arrange to get you a new set with a new number.  Hope can be reached at 212-316-7483 or hchang@stjohndivine.org

Marsha & Tim