All at the Cathedral wish this to be a ever more a place where children are welcome to worship, serve, learn, and grow in their faith. Our programs continue as do opportunities for Baptism, family engagement, Sunday morning programming, and participation in the full liturgical life of this place, and the Congregation is an integral part of that.

The Congregation is comprised of an array of people from the neighborhood and well beyond from a diversity of backgrounds, ages, and places in life. All are welcome to our various Bible Studies, as well as enrollment in our ongoing Education for Ministry Program. 

The Congregation, its leadership, and all of its members seek to be a witness to the love of God to all who visit the Cathedral and those throughout the world in need. Pastoral Care is available through Cathedral clergy and lay Eucharistic Visitors to visit the homebound and hospitalized, as well as ongoing programs to learn more about everything from preparing for death and dying to a wide array of health and social issues to providing a welcoming space for those in recovery.