Sunday Mornings at the Cathedral

In addition to Eucharist at 8, 9, and 11 AM, an array of opportunities are available for people of all ages to learn, grow, worship, and fellowship together.


10:10 AM (after the 9 AM service)

In between the two services on Sunday morning, a host of opportunities are available to learn about the spiritual life of the Cathedral, discuss the Bible in community, fellowship with coffee hour, and for children to be Little Pilgrims exploring this grand place and its faith.


12:30 PM (after the 11 AM service)

Most Sundays after the 11 AM service, Canon for Liturgy and the Arts, Pat Malloy, leads a class on liturgy and worship in the Episcopal Tradition, and at 1:30, youth are invited to join Mother Jett in a youth group that can be for the preparation for Confirmation. Then, on the Second Sunday of the month, the congregation hosts a chance to fellowship and learn more about the Congregation that calls the Cathedral "home." See the Events Page for more info.


5:30 PM (After Evensong & Organ recital)

Those considering baptism, confirmation, or making the Cathedral their spiritual home are invited to attend a dinner, discussion, and fellowship. All are welcome.